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Seattle Tattoo Convention this weekend!

Hell City Tattoo Fest Phoenix AZ!

Park City Tattoo Convention August 3-5!

United Ink: The New York Tattoo Show

New Tattoo Convention Added!

6th Natal Tattoo Convention Added!

New Tattoo Conventions Added and Paradise Artist Retreat!


Gunnar Gaylord: It Really is 'Paradise!'

Paradise Tattoo Gathering 2011

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15th Annual MOtor City Tattoo Expo, here we come!

Bob Tyrrell @ Motor City Tattoo ExpoWe are excited to be heading out to the 15th Annual Motor City Tattoo Expo! We just added the listing and tons of TattooNOW artists will be working the show this year. Gabe will be hanging out with a bunch of TattooNOW/Off the Map artists and signing up tattooers for their free trial membership. Email ahead of time to set aside soem time to sign up risk free and get all the advice you need. TattooNOW artists working the show include: Bob Tyrrell, Darrin White, Dee Dee, Durb, Eric James, Jess Yen, Jon Sweet, Joshua bowers, Joshua Carlton, Kelly Gormley, Kristel, Larry Brogan, Mario Bell, Mario Rosenau, Mark Blanchard, Mike Demasi, Mike Pace, Nikko, Paul Acker, Ryan Hadley, Sean Herman, Timothy B, Tom Strom, Tony Ciavarro, and Zaq Weaver. See you there!